“Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” Rundown


The Galactic Civil War has begun. The Rebel Alliance, also known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic, has achieved their first victory against the Galactic Empire, securing the plans of the Death Star, a planet-killing battle station. The plans were given to Princess Leia Organa on route to Alderaan.

Darth Vader chases the princess to the desert planet of Tatooine where the ship is captured and boarded. Before her own capture, Organa records a message on R2-D2 and sends it, along with C3-PO, to the planet below. Vader questions Organa, but she avoids the questions and is sent to a cell.

The two droids land on the planet via escape pod, parting ways soon after. Both are later captured by Jawas, a local scavenger race, and are taken to a local moisture farmstead.

Living on this farmstead is Aunt Beru Lars, Uncle Owen Lars, and Luke Skywalker. Luke and Owen inspect the offerings of the Jawa, including C3-PO and R2-D2. Owen purchases both units and sends Luke to clean them up. Whilst doing so, R2’s message is played of Princess Leia, speaking of an Obi-Wan Kenobi. R2 goes out on his own to find Kenobi, forcing Luke and C3-PO to go after it.

Luke runs into Sand People, or Tusken Raiders, but is rescued by a Ben Kenobi. The old man takes Luke and the droids to his home for safety. Kenobi is presented with the message, asking the R2 unit be taken to Alderaan, and explains who Luke’s father was, presenting to him the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker. The group finds the wreckage of a Jawa transport, the same who brought R2 and C3-PO. Luke returns to the farm, finding his home destroyed and guardians’ bodies burned to skeletons.


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The group then departs to Mos Eisley to find a ship to Alderaan. They meet the smuggler and captain of the Millenium Falcon, Han Solo, and his Wookiee first mate, Chewbacca. A deal is struck and everyone escapes through the Imperial blockade.

On the Death Star, Organa is presented to Grand Moff Tarkin by Vader. Tarken threatens to destroy Alderaan if she does not reveal the location of the Rebel base. Organa says the base is on Dantooine, but Tarkin destroys her home planet anyway.

The Falcon jumps out of hyperspace, finding the asteroid field that remains of Alderaan and is pulled aboard the battle station. Solo and Skywalker disguise themselves as stormtroopers, making their way through the station to the princess while Kenobi will disable the tractor beam. The first group succeeds and makes their way back to the hanger. Kenobi stealthy disables the tractor beam but decides to confront Vader. Luke sees the pair duel before Kenobi lowers his guard and his physical form gives way to Vader’s saber. Solo powers up the Millenium Falcon and prepares to jump to hyperspace with several Imperial Tie Fighters on their tail.

The party manages to escape into hyperspace with coordinates given by Organa to the Rebel base. Vader reveals in a conversation with Tarkin that a tracking device has been placed on the ship, given the direct location of the escapees. Solo lands the ship on Yavin 4, where the plans are given to Rebel Command and Luke joins up as a fighter pilot. A reward was given to Solo for his services as he prepares to depart before the Death Star arrived.

Two squadrons of fighter pilots are launched to destroy the battle station. Vader partakes in the battle, destroying several high-level pilots in the assault. Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and Briggs Darklighter make an attack run on the station, while pursued by Vader and his escort. Antilles pulls out due to severe damage while Darklighter is killed by Vader. Solo returns and opens fire on Vader’s unit, forcing the Imperial Sith Lord to retreat while Skywalker fires the killing shot to the Death Star.

Skywalker and Solo were then honored by the Rebel Alliance via Organa for their actions the previous days, becoming an official part of the alliance.

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