“Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” Rundown


The Clone Wars is reaching its peak. Battle after battle, Republic and Separatist forces have decimated each other, with no side gaining a significant advantage.

Striking at the heart of the Republic, Separatist General Grievous leads a massive assault on the city-planet of Coruscant, kidnapping Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in the process. Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker break through the devastating space battle, boarding Grievous’ command ship in an attempt to rescue the chancellor. The two Jedi discover Palpatine imprisoned on the observation deck before encountering Count Dooku, the defacto leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Kenobi is knocked out of the fight, leaving Skywalker to confront the Sith Lord himself. The Jedi is victorious and executes Count Dooku, with Palpatine’s insistence.

Kenobi, Palpatine, and Skywalker make their way to the hanger but are captured in transit and taken to Grievous. The Jedi easily break out and secure the bridge, with the droid general escaping through the window into space. Skywalker manages to successfully land the crashing Separatist starship on Coruscant, accomplishing the pair’s original mission. The Separatist fleet is routed from the Republic’s capital soon after.

Palpatine is returned to the Senate, resulting in a quick encounter between the secretly married couple of Padme Amidala and Skywalker. Amidala reveals she is pregnant with Skywalker’s child and that no one else knows. The two contemplate running away together but decide not to do so. That night, Skywalker endures another set of nightmares, depicting Amidala’s death in childbirth.


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In an unknown location, Grievous kneels before the holographic image of Darth Sidious. The Dark Lord of the Sith orders the general to send the Separatist leaders to Mustafar, warning the end of the war is near. Grievous is worried about the impact of Count Dooku’s death, but Sidious states he will have a new apprentice shortly.

The Galactic Republic Senate grants Palpatine greater powers, especially over the Jedi. Skywalker is promoted to the chancellor’s personal representative on the council, which is begrudgingly accepted by Master Windu and the other councilors. The Jedi Knight makes his case to become a master but is denied. Master Yoda is also sent to reinforce the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk.

Skywalker is invited to sit with Palpatine, where he informs the Jedi Knight of Grievous currently resides in Utapau. The chancellor proceeds to recommend the young man to lead the campaign and tells him of the legend of Darth Plagueis, who could save those he loved from dying.

The Jedi Council is then briefed on the information, agreeing a campaign should be enacted but should be led by Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Skywalker is unhappy with the outcome, but Kenobi gives some last minute encouragement to him before departing.

Kenobi engages Grievous’ forces on Utapau, prompting Skywalker to report to the chancellor on Windu’s order. Once Skywalker has left, Windu, Yoda, and other Jedi masters discuss that Palpatine should be removed from office if he does not give up emergency powers. Skywalker discovers that Palpatine is actually Darth Sidious and warns Windu that he will not release the powers granted by the Senate. A brief skirmish between Sidious, Windu, and three other Jedi Masters leave only Palpatine standing with the help of Skywalker.

Sidious hails Skywalker as Darth Vader, ordering him to wipe out all the Jedi at the temple. The lord then contacts every clone unit in the galaxy with Order 66. Clone troopers begin gunning down their Jedi commanders without remorse. Kenobi and Yoda escape to Senator Bail Organa, who witnesses the attack on the Jedi Temple.

Darth Vader spins a tale of Jedi treachery to Amidala, who only sees Skywalker standing before her. Vader then departs for Mustafar to eliminate the Separatist leadership. Sidious spins the same tale to the Senate, announcing a reorganization of the Galactic Republic into “the first Galactic Empire.”

Kenobi and Yoda make their way to the Jedi Temple, finding nothing but death and ruin. Kenobi discovers that Skywalker, now Vader, led the attack and slaughtered multiple younglings. A simple plan is devised; Kenobi will go after Vader while Yoda confronts Sidious. Amidala is given the truth of Vader, but denies it outright and decides to depart for Mustafar. The Jedi Master sneaks aboard the senator’s ship for transit.

Yoda enters Darth Sidious’ new office and the two begin to duel with both force powers and sabers. The battle takes them to the Senate chambers, damaging various areas. Yoda is forced to escape with the help of Senator Organa, telling him he must go into hiding.

Amidala meets Vader, telling him what she was told. The Sith then sees Kenobi exit from the ship and anger takes hold of him, force choking his wife and mother of their child. Vader releases her, then confronts Kenobi. The duel between the former friends occurs throughout the Separatist world till the Jedi takes an advantaged-position. Vader is unwilling to accept the situation and attacks, losing both legs and left arm. Kenobi takes Vader’s lightsaber and departs the planet along with the unconscious senator.

The Jedi reunite on a hidden base where Amidala is dying, but it is revealed she is carrying twins. The children survive the birth and Amidala names the children Luke and Leia with her dying breaths. Kenobi will take Luke to Tatooine while Organa will keep Leia.

Amidala’s funeral is held on Naboo, with familiar and friendly faces all in attendance. Meanwhile, the new Galactic Empire begins to consolidate its power and the construction of the first Death Star.

Stay tuned for a rundown of the next Star Wars movie, “Episode IV: A New Hope.”

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