Fort Hays Historic Site 150th Event: Military Posts and the Women Who Call Them Home

Fort Hays National Historic Site turned 150 this year and in commemoration of this special occasion there will be a series of events.

The most recent event being, “Military Posts and the Women Who Call Them Home” which is on March 18th at 2 pm.

The event will feature well-renowned historian Marla Matkins who is a dedicated historical reenactor who received her education degree from Fort Hays State University and continues to inspire people through education and theater.

Marla is well known for her thoughts on the Indian Wars time period, and she will speak about the lives of women during that time, especially those married to the military officers.

Fort Hays Historic Site is located on 1472 US Highway 183 Alt, Hays, Kansas 67601. The event is free to the public and all are encouraged to come.


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