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During the intersession of 2018, Fort Hays State University will be studying abroad in London. The class will be held from December 26, 2017 until January 15, 2018, with the trip to London taking place January 3-10, 2018. The deadline for program enrollment will be September 30, 2017. Enroll for the course via TigerEnroll during the Intersession 2018 pre-enrollment. Updates from the faculty sponsors will be sent to your email after enrollment, to keep you up-to-date with the program payment schedule and to be informed about deadlines and activities the class will hold.   

To participate in the trip, students will be required to enroll in one of the following courses associated with the 2018 Intersession: LDRS 490 – Topics in Leadership Studies, CRJ 380 – Topics in Criminal Justice, or PSY 350 – Current Issues in Psychology. The course is open to on-campus students as well as virtual students. All course work will be completed online, aside from the time spent abroad.

Before the trip, four preparation meetings will take place in the fall 2017 semester to help the student prepare all personal logistics. Meetings will occur on-campus and via web conference. Dates will be announced in the fall semester

For studying abroad in London, the program fee will be $3,695. Included in the program fee will be a round-trip airfare, accommodations, on-tour transportation, daily breakfast and two local dinners, full-time tour direction, expert local guides, guided sightseeing, entrance fees to selected attractions, and global trip protection (insurance). For students who register by April 30, they will receive a $100 discount off the program fee.

Additional costs for the trip include $621.72 for tuition and fees, an estimated $400 in meals, $135 for a U.S. passport (for students in Ellis County, you can apply for a passport at the Ellis County Clerk’s Office – for more information, visit http://www.ellisco.net/index.aspx?NID=123 or if you’re not in Ellis County, visit http://www.travel.state.gov ). Also, an estimated $50+ in transportation tips. All amounts are based off spring 2017 with virtual college tuition/fees being subject to change. Financial aid can be used for this class, and students who qualify will need to fill out the form at https://www.fhsu.edu/finaid/Study-Abroad/ If students want to obtain an international cell phone or sim card, visit http://www.cellhire.com or http://www.onesimcard.com

FHSU has partnered with EF College Study Tours, who helped plan the event. Generally, FHSU schedules trips to study abroad during the spring or summer, but since it will be held during the intersession, fees for the trip will be lower due to attractions in London not being at their peak during this time of year. For students who are interested in the trip, and plan to depart from Wichita, they can visit http://www.efcollegestudytours.com/1945301TV or to choose your local airport, call 877-485-4184.

 Faculty sponsors for the event will include: Kaley Klaus with Leadership Studies, John Raacke for Criminal Justice, and Jennifer Bonds-Raacke with Psychology. Leadership Studies, Criminal Justice, and Psychology will be the main subjects emphasized while studying abroad. Students should be able to apply what they learned on the trip with skills within their major. The course will be held online and assignments will possibly include: a paper over the trip, journal entries, and group discussions while studying abroad. On the trip, students will learn how to connect leadership, criminal justice, and psychology theories and practice to those employed in the United Kingdom; compare and contrast theories and practice of leadership, criminal justice, and psychology in the United Kingdom to the United States; explore the interdisciplinary connections among the intended fields of study listed above; and develop an understanding of global competencies and the impact of cultural diversity around the world.

Major highlights of the event will include: tours of the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court, a Jack the Ripper tour, lecture with UK government officials, Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, Sigmund Freud Museum, and dinner with local law enforcement. Event schedules for the trip can also be picked up by faculty sponsors.

For more information, you can contact faculty sponsors: Kaley Klaus for Leadership Studies (krklaus@fhsu.edu), John Raacke with Criminal Justice (jdraacke@fhsu.edu), and Jennifer Bonds-Raacke with Psychology (jmbondsraacke@fhsu.edu), or visit www.fhsu.edu/leadership/study-abroard/.

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